Adventures in cyberspace pt.I

As you've probably figured out by now I'm kinda new to the whole self promotion gig. Being raised in the MTV era certainly didn't help my perception of how the music industry really worked, I thought all you needed was to be a good musician but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Anyways, here we are at the bottom of 2015 and the musical landscape has changed dramatically. It's the era of self promotion and its never been easier to get your stuff out there, the only problem is everyone else is trying to do it too.

Getting your music heard In the crowded realms of social media is a challenge to say the least but  If you're reading this, chances are you already like what I'm doing so thank you sincerely for supporting!!

I've recently discovered the value of Instagram (@kris_schulz) and for the time being it seems like a creative way for artists to display their work and build up a fan base. I'm trying to keep regular content coming which is at the expense of valuable practice time but as I've found time and time again, as rewarding as creating music is unto itself it's true value lies in connecting people which can only be done if they get a chance to hear it. 

Thanks for listening!! 




State of Mind

Things have been rolling faster and faster over the last few years and many times I've felt overwhelmed by the gap between my goals and accomplishments as a musician(Human). I've been at this for most of my life, put in countless hours of practice, thinking, obsessing , avoiding.... You get the drift.

If there is one thing that's been a constant throughout, it's that you get what you give. I'm not just talking about brute force effort (although that counts for something) I'm also talking about perspective and frame of mind. You see, I've had some ups here and there but for long stretches of time I felt down about my playing (life) and nothing seemed to "fix" it until I really started to dig into the core of my values. I realized first and foremost that as serious as music is to me it's always gotta be fun. So with that in mind I slowly started to rebuild myself as a player(person), step by painful step. I could write a small novel about all the books I read and strategies I attempted to help me find my way but the simplest way to put it is that I had a major change of perspective.

The catalyst for change can sometimes come in the worst moments of your life and mine was certainly rooted in pain and loss yet it's our mortal fragility that drives us to seek answers and look within.

A lot of us are challenged by a hyper connected, 24/7 world that ruthlessly erodes our core values and before we know it, we're going through the motions and feel unsatisfied. I learned to wear a convincing mask to help me blend in but underneath I struggled to find purpose. I think trying to fit  in was probably a primitive survival instinct but these days it's more important than ever to find grounding and be who you really are despite what others think.  I think judging one and other is  a grotesque, ingrained trait we naturally posses,it's also the reason we're so hard on ourselves. 

So how does this all relate to music? 

It was during these moments of reflection that I realized how much fear was stopping me from growing and taking chances. The fear of failure, looking foolish for failing, not being as good as I pretended to be and even the fear of success. These walls stood in my way for many years and they are still visible but I'm working hard every day to overcome my own prison and the liberation is the best reward. I know the fear will never fully dissipate bit I'm ok with that and as long as I'm grateful for everything positive in my life I know things will be ok.

Viva la musik!!!!

If anyone who reads this wants to know more details about the books that helped me and some of the concepts I've learned please email as I'd be happy to share. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this and be a part of my journey!!  



Attack of the Three Headed Guitar Monster pt.1


The past week was easily one of the best of my life!!!

The 3 headed guitar monster that is myself, @AdrianBellue and Don Alder left nothing standing in our wake as we blitzed and blazed through sold out shows in Vancouver and Chilliwack.

In Addition to that,  Adrian and I hit 2 open mics, played 4  emotional house concerts and  shared birthday celebrations with three of the closest people in my life. Oh yeah, and I got to jam with Optimus Prime:D

 I'm feeling more inspired than ever about my musical journey and owe so much of it to the fellow musicians in my life and in particular Adrian. I watched him literally heal people with his immense musical gifts over and over, this is the true power of music!!

I have one more acoustic show scheduled this Thursday before I return to my metal roots and start preparing for two very exciting upcoming West Of Hell and Stache  shows.

I'm thrilled to be a part of Modern Banshee and the Limbic Landwalkers amazing musical/visual performance of "The Moon,the Pool and the String" At the Planetarium this Thursday (15th). Anyone who's ever watched a show at the Planetarium knows how spectacular this is gonna be. I'll be performing a set of my trippiest tunes to help set the mood for the sonic and visual experience that follows.





Hi everyone, thanks again for visiting my new website!!! 

I hope to step up my game by keeping on top of these updates and finally tackling my social media phobias lol.


This is a very exciting week as I'll be opening up for Don Alder's album release party Saturday Oct.3rd at Bluedog Guitars. Don is one of my favourite musicians and has had a big influence on my acoustic playing. If someone had told me a few years ago I'd be sharing the stage with him I never would have believed it.

Actually, it was about 3 years ago I first met Don at the Vancouver Guitar Show which was coincidentally the first time I met Jenn and Paul from Bluedog, serendipitous indeed

I'm also bringing up my friend and amazing guitarist Adrian Bellue to spend the week here and see the sights while being the sounds of Vancouver. Adrian and I both recorded albums recently with Antoine Dufour, we finally got to meet at this years CGF. Meeting Adrian was one of the highlights of the whole festival for me, he is an incredibly inspired musician and an awesome person!!

I'll be proudly bringing the three of us back to my hometown of Chilliwack to perform at Tractorgrease Cafe on Thursday Oct 8th.

As far as my album release goes I'm aiming for a January 2016 launch. I'll be releasing the first single "Ferus Caballus" any day now so keep your eyes and ears open.  I'm going against the grain by including a 16 page booklet and even printing cd's "gasp" and am very fortunate to have monster guitarist Sean DeBurca taking care of all my illustrations and layout. 

Lastly, I'll be releasing music/tab book for the entire album. I can't tell you what a dream come true that is for me and am very indebted to Mark Grover from for helping to make it a reality.

Getting ready for the 2015 CGF

It's been a busy couple of weeks preparing for the 11th annual Canadian Fingerstyle Chamionships held in Kingston Ontario. This will be my third time attending in three years and likely my last for awhile as I'd like to take a break from the stress of competing.

The best parts of this experience so far have definitely been the dramatic improvement I've noticed in my playing and also the camraderie and community spirit an event like this fosters. It was a real honour and humbling experience finishing fourth last year but music is not about winning and that is true to the spirit of the CGF which is all about having a good time and making friends. 

As usual, I have left much of the planning to the last minute and at the time of writing this do not have my plane tickets purchased haha. I seem to have an aversion to doing anything in a traditional way, wonder if there is a diagnosis for this.

see you at the lake


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