I'm sitting on the floor of Antoine Dufour's cozy home studio in L'Assomption Québec listening to the first mixes of my upcoming album. My brain is running at a million miles an hour as I try to process the emotions I've been through to get this album completed.

The elation of joy and the despair of depression have embedded into this music along with the mental scars incurred from battling against a relentless and cruel opponent, my own brain.

The result is an album worth of music I've never been more grateful to complete.

I've never artistically struggled more than getting this music recorded. Many times along this road I quit out of anguish and torment only to get back up and continue dragging myself towards the faint light of completion.

Focal Dystonia has robbed me of right hand finger control. I've had to rebuild, relearn and adapt so many times I've lost track.

I was advised to stop many times as this condition is only worsened by the stresses induced from touring and the preparation needed to perform the music at a reasonable level. I knew I needed to persevere as these songs deserved to have their time. I worried that if I stopped this process to begin retraining my brain I might never find my way back to completing this album. I couldn't live with the thought of that possibility.

I've sacrificed in every area of my life and health to complete this journey.

I can now proudly announce the recording is complete and was worth every bit of the effort I needed to put forth to see it through.

The album is called 'Chasing The Light' and it's ten tracks reflect deeply on the emotional struggle I've faced through while composing during the up and down valleys of my ever worsening condition. I will announce a track listing and release date at my homecoming show on July 1st in Vancouver.


I want to sincerely thank Antoine Dufour for his guiding ears and heart.

He is one of the greatest musicians I have ever known and his formidable talents as a player and producer are matched by his innate ability to make those around him feel and perform at their best. I cannot thank you enough for battling through this war with me brother!!


Lastly, I could not have overcome these life obstacles without the unconditional love and support from Jillian Kalloch. She has been my rock as I tethered around like a lost kite in a dark storm.

I'm now ready to move on with my life and embrace the best thing that's ever happened to me by marrying the girl who unlocked my creative jails and opened my heart to the greatest of life's possibilities.



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