West Of Hell tour update

Wow, Banff on a Tuesday night, who'd have guessed it'd be the best show of the tour so far??

The crowd had an incredibly high energy from start to finish and helped propel us to one of our best shows since I joined West Of Hell over 3 years ago.

The fact that almost everyone I talked with after the show was from a different part of the world renewed my faith that this genre will continue to survive and gain fans as it evolves across the globe.

I have played heavy metal since I first picked up a guitar and It's innovative power drove me to become the musician I am today!

This is not a musical lifestyle for fair-weather fans looking for cheap hits, it's music for people who want their favorite bands to continue evolving and pushing the boundaries of the art and their abilities as musicians.

To all the players and fans out there who continue to drive this genre to the heights of artistic freedom and creativity I raise my horns🤘🤘

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