My greatest struggle

This song was written during a very dark moment in my life when I questioned if I'd be able to continue performing as a fingerstyle guitarist.

It's called 'Hands Of Stone' and it came like a gift from the musical gods while writing itself in one inspired moment.

It is my rallying cry and I haven't looked back since!!

I decided to capture it as raw as possible to reflect the state I was in and keep it honest in all its fragility.

This video was recorded and shot live in one take at Tractorgrease Studio in Chilliwack B.C. by Jeff Bonner.

The neurological disorder I have been battling is known as Focal Dystonia.

For over a year it has negatively progressed to the point where I can no longer perform much of my repertoire. Material I have played effortlessly for over 20 years is now a strained mess of misfiring neurons.

It's been a very difficult struggle and by far the hardest personal battle I've ever had deal with but thanks to the support of my loved ones and the power of music as a healer, I have found peace with my situation and am ready to share it publicly.

There were many times I wanted to quit but I felt in my heart that I needed to persevere and complete the recording of my second solo album.

The music was composed before, during and after I learned of my condition. I'm very excited to complete this upcoming recording with Antoine Dufour and can't think of a better way to celebrate my life and passion for my music.

This disorder has not affected my left hand fretting or right hand pick technique in any way.

It's primarily affected my ability to roll my right hand finger technique and forced me to adopt unusual methods to deliver a musical sound.


I want to thank everyone who has supported my journey over the last few years. These have been some of the best moments of my life and I've achieved more than I ever asked for.

I'm incredibly fortunate to have other musical  outlets to pursue my craft and look forward to realizing some other goals that have long been on my mind featuring my electric guitar playing.

As well, both of my bands 'West Of Hell' and 'Cocaine Moustache' are about to release albums and have never sounded better.

I'm stoked to focus my attention in these areas and look forward to the next round of adventures.


I'm 100% confident I'll find a solution someday and have gratefully accepted this challenge as a chance to grow and learn more about myself.

I'll be going on a full hiatus from live fingerstyle as of August 6th to fully concentrate on retraining my brain and look deeper into treatment.




Copyright © Kris Schulz