A day in the life

Yesterday I celebrated my 25th year of being a guitar instructor by teaching for 12 hours with no break. The craziest part is that I enjoyed every second of it thanks in large part to my students who brought so much passion and enthusiasm to each lesson.


The intense schedule was an accident and I didn't realize I had booked such a long day until 3am the night before while finishing up some transcribing.


At first I was horrified wondering how I'd manage to survive the upcoming day but that fear quickly turned into a welcome challenge. Some well timed meal replacement bars along with copious amounts of caffeine paved my way to the finish line.


Half way through the day my record streak was threatened by a last minute cancellation but a hero student jumped up to save the day by agreeing to extend his lesson an extra hour.


It was 25 years ago that I landed my first teaching job at Cheam Music in my hometown of Chilliwack.

My dad bullshitted my way into the gig by assuring the owner Gordie that I knew everything there was to know about guitar and voilà, I had my first job in music.

I was 16 years old and as green as it gets but managed to hold it together long enough to know I wanted to be a teacher for the rest of my life.


I remember those early days very well and can honestly say I love teaching just as much today as I did back then.

I've worked with well over a thousand students,hit a peak load of over 40 hours a week and slowly but surely have established myself as a valued instructor in the area.


I've worked with beginner to advanced level in almost every style and genre you can imagine.

I've proudly watched my "kids" grow up to become some of the greatest players in the area and perform in some amazing bands. Many have even gone on to become teachers themselves, words cannot describe how good that makes me feel.

I've taught Stairway To Heaven, Sweet Child O'Mine, Wish You Were Here and Sweet Home Alabama more times than I can count but still get joy from watching someone else learn them for the first time. No part of teaching means more to me than witnessing the initial sparks of inspiration a new student gets from learning their first songs and realizing THIS is something they are going to do for the rest of their lives.


I want to sincerely thank all my students, past and present, for sharing their love and passion of music with me for over a quarter century!!




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