A tale of two tours

13,000 kms, 21 shows, 0 speeding tickets and 0 animal kills = one hell of a successful tour!!


I'm absolutely thrilled with the results of my first solo tour across Canada and never could have imagined it'd go so well. Don't get me wrong, I had very high hopes it would work out but also had to be realistic something bad would likely happen. To look back now as I lay in my own bed and reflect on the last month is a very satisfying gift in its own right.


The shows that stick out the most were the ones I expected the least from. I found that the most rewarding experiences had nothing to do with how many people attended or how much money I made. More so, it was in the shared experience of transporting both myself and the audience to another level that brought me the greatest joy.

This music I shared was a vehicle built from the heart and created through years of life experiences. Performing it live has been cathartic and getting to personally witness its effects on others has been an inspiration to me.

All of this has certainly confirmed core beliefs I've had since a young age but had long ago abandoned in pursuit of false and material happiness.


I'd always dreamt my music would one day take me traveling around the world and resonate with like minded people.

For most of my adult life I sat around waiting for  musical opportunities to present themselves while silently suffering internally at my inability to make anything concrete happen.

Coupling that with the all too common financial strain of dealing with life's daily challenges proved to be an overwhelming obstacle in reaching my life dreams. I knew I had to rethink my priorities and restructure my entire life or I would risk never venturing out of my safe and predictable existence to see if there was something better waiting for me.

So I gave up my house, job, car and everything I owned except for two acoustic guitars and embarked on an adventure around the world that would forever change my life for the better.

Traveling forces you to live in the moment, it challenges you to grow out of your comfort zone and face fears you didn't know you had.

All in all it proved to be the ultimate catalyst I needed to rediscover who I really was in my core, a musician with a story to share. I truly believe we all possess this ability to connect with our truest natures but the challenges and obstacles are so high in number we are literally beat down from reaching them.


I've never owned less yet owed more and this is not an easy place to exist but it has challenged me to continually push myself on my craft and for that I've never felt richer. I've had to make very difficult choices along the way while giving up many other hobbies and interests but too many things were preventing me from focusing my energy on music.

I started to remember the power I possessed as a kid. A stubborn and defiant trait that knew in my heart, the only thing I truly wanted to do was play guitar and immerse myself in music. I wondered in frustration, how at the adult age of 30 could I have lost that inspired spark and allowed life to overwhelm me into complacency.

I'd always promised myself I would stay true to my heart and yet now felt like a traitor to my own cause. I was somewhat successful to wear this disconnected mask for many years before my glass world shattered. I'll spare the intimate details for another time and place but suffice to say, I would not be where I am today without being forced to faced my demons head on.

If you've read this far it's likely you're looking for inspiration to help on your own personal journey and that's why I've dedicated this blog to such introspective topics.

Many musicians I've met on the road have told me personally that my shared story and journey have helped and inspired them. I could receive no greater honor in life so thank you for that sincerely!

I don't think for one second that what I've gone through or what I currently feel is at all applicable to anyone else. We all have our own unique story to write.

I personally find it more liberating to share my true story rather than hide it and pretend everything has come via talent or was easily obtained. The very concept of talent is as false and misleading a thought as there ever was.

Sure, some of us possess various traits and skills that could be mistaken for talent but nobody ever got anywhere by sitting around and doing nothing. It's not what you are given, it's what you do with it that makes the journey worthwhile.




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