The Tour Commences

It's the night before I embark on my first ever solo tour across Canada and despite the worst cold I've had in two years I'm pumped!!


A lot has happened since I last posted including a clinic I performed alongside Pierre Bensusan and George Lowden. Talk about an experience of a lifetime,wow!!! To be fair, I only played a small role in helping George demo some of his beautiful Lowden guitars before Pierre took over but hey, those are some pretty decent bragging rights haha;)


George has been one of the world's most premier acoustic guitar builders since the 70's and his experience and expert skill are second only to his passion for innovation. 

His enthusiasm shone brightly as he walked us through the history of his building techniques and I was inspired by his desire to continue pushing the envelope of his craft.

As Tiger Woods once said " matter how good you get you can always get better and that’s the exciting part".


Witnessing the indescribable gifts of Pierre Bensusan left me a changed man for the better.  I truly had no idea how good he was. Much more than just a renowned virtuoso guitarist, Pierre is the consummate musician who's reached the level of absolute freedom.


I am so inspired by artists like him and grateful for the gifts they have worked so hard to present us. If I'm ever feeling uninspired all I have to do is go to a concert and soak up all the energy while reminding myself of why I started doing this in the first place. It's never been about fame or sales but a connection between the performer and the audience.

In today's day and age I fear many people have replaced the viscerally stimulating experience of sharing a live musical experience and replaced it with a canned version coming out of a lifeless box.

Anyone who says there is no more good music coming out needs to crawl out of their isolated tech cave and venture outside for some live music. In my opinion, the fall of the record industry has led to a resurgence in the creative underground musical community.

Yes there are many new challenges artists face in getting compensated for the work and I for one know these all too well. However, it's almost like a clean slate and opportunities are only limited by your imagination or lack thereof.

Instead of "queuing up" in an infinitely long line for a door someone else told you to go through, build your own.

In other words, don't go where the ball is, design your own court and throw it wherever the hell you want.


Now onto the tour....


Spending countless hours trying to improve my guitar and vocal skills has been fun and rewarding but somewhere along the way I realized I now have to be a (dreaded word amongst guitarists) FRONTMAN!!!

Talk about getting thrown out of my comfort zone. I have been very fortunate to perform alongside two of the best frontmen in Vancouver, Chris "The Heathen" Valagao and Jesse "White Willie Sniffsum" Burch. These guys are bosses and command, I mean demand an audiences attention. Despite my best efforts to "shred" a crowds face off with a raging guitar solo I often look up after only to see their eyes glued to the real stars of the show.

Hats off to the true frontmen and women of the world, you keep us entertained and put out your heart and soul out night after night.

I do believe in the value of entertainment while still putting out a high level musical experience. So many of my favorite players have mastered this difficult marriage, Buddy Guy, Joe Bonamassa, and Steve Vai just to name a couple.

Fewer still are those rare performers who's very essence exudes so much coolness they merely need to show up for the crowd to go wild. I'm looking at you Paco De Lucia and Miles Davis R.I.P.


So to summarize and with all of the above in mind, I'm highly inspired theses days and want to share that energy with everyone who takes the time to come out and hear me live.

My shows won't be perfect but they'll be full of heart and a desire to communicate as authentically as I'm capable of night after night.


See you at the show:)


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