The Storm Before The Calm

Lot's of big announcements to make and the first place anyone gets to hear them is right here on my cozy little blog.

First off, I want to say what an honor and a pleasure it is to be one of the first artists signed to FretMonkey Records alongside some of my favorite guitarists. It's a family run operation led by 2015 CGF champion Blake Goodwin. He and his family have a different vision for what a record company can achieve while taking great care of its artists. I am still an independent, self financed artist but I now have a big, amazingly talented family standing behind me to help spread my musical love.

Please check out all the wonderful artists, music and videos here!kris-schulz/k75aa 

I'm also thrilled to announce my first solo tour of Canada for this coming May and June.  

I've been experiencing the highs and lows of self promotion and tour booking through endless hours of tedious work but I really have enjoyed every minute of it ( well almost lol)

Every time a door slams shut in my face it makes me want to push harder. I'm surprised how hard it is to book a gig in Canada for a new artist but with venues closing down and less people supporting live music I guess it's an understandable problem. None the less, I have successfully linked a string of shows together that will take me from Vancouver to Toronto this May.  

For me, the most exciting part of this tour is in meeting new people and growing as a performer.  I'm planning a mixed set of instrumentals off my new album as well as some vocal songs that I plan to record later this year.

Another major highlight will getting to share the stage with one of my favorite composers and guitarists Dylan Ryche

We'll be performing together on Friday, May 20th in Toronto at the Central Bar.


I'm also beyond thrilled to announce Calum Graham and I will be doing a tour of B.C. together this June. Calum is a very special musician and a great guy. I'm really excited to show him around m home city and more importantly, show off his insanely good musical skills to a new audience.

Stay tuned for a full announcement of all the tour dates later this week. 

I'd also love to reach out to anyone who's thinking of hosting a house concert. Feel free to message me through the site as I'd love to connect on smaller, more intimate setting. 



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