Now What?

I'm sitting quietly in my living room reflecting on the experiences that comprised most of the last two months. Gratefully breathless is a good way to describe how I'm feeling.

The thing that strikes me the most through all of this has been the amount of times I've heard someone say they were inspired by the show or after listening to the album. I never imagined my journey and music would resonate with so many people. What a pleasure it is to do what I love and have so much positive support in return. If anyone hears me utter so much as a whiff of a complaint regarding my music career you have full permission to give me a good wack in the head.

I think back to days when fear would have stopped me from venturing on this path and have to remind myself daily that it's only a sign I'm pushing in the right direction.  So with that in mind I begin the next stage of the adventure with new music in my heart and touring plans that will see me hit Canada from shore to shore three times over the next six months.

I'm really excited to get this album out there the old fashioned way by taking it from city to city and town to town in person. From Vancouver to Halifax and everywhere in between I'm ready to unleash these tunes and meet the people who keep live music alive and well.

If anyone across our great nation would like me to make a stop in their hometown please message me through this site. Connecting with people is a true passion of mine and combining that with a shared love of live music is the holy grail for a musician like me.





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