Hi everyone, thanks again for visiting my new website!!! 

I hope to step up my game by keeping on top of these updates and finally tackling my social media phobias lol.


This is a very exciting week as I'll be opening up for Don Alder's album release party Saturday Oct.3rd at Bluedog Guitars. Don is one of my favourite musicians and has had a big influence on my acoustic playing. If someone had told me a few years ago I'd be sharing the stage with him I never would have believed it.

Actually, it was about 3 years ago I first met Don at the Vancouver Guitar Show which was coincidentally the first time I met Jenn and Paul from Bluedog, serendipitous indeed

I'm also bringing up my friend and amazing guitarist Adrian Bellue to spend the week here and see the sights while being the sounds of Vancouver. Adrian and I both recorded albums recently with Antoine Dufour, we finally got to meet at this years CGF. Meeting Adrian was one of the highlights of the whole festival for me, he is an incredibly inspired musician and an awesome person!!

I'll be proudly bringing the three of us back to my hometown of Chilliwack to perform at Tractorgrease Cafe on Thursday Oct 8th.

As far as my album release goes I'm aiming for a January 2016 launch. I'll be releasing the first single "Ferus Caballus" any day now so keep your eyes and ears open.  I'm going against the grain by including a 16 page booklet and even printing cd's "gasp" and am very fortunate to have monster guitarist Sean DeBurca taking care of all my illustrations and layout. 

Lastly, I'll be releasing music/tab book for the entire album. I can't tell you what a dream come true that is for me and am very indebted to Mark Grover from guitar-transcriptions.com for helping to make it a reality.

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