Getting ready for the 2015 CGF

It's been a busy couple of weeks preparing for the 11th annual Canadian Fingerstyle Chamionships held in Kingston Ontario. This will be my third time attending in three years and likely my last for awhile as I'd like to take a break from the stress of competing.

The best parts of this experience so far have definitely been the dramatic improvement I've noticed in my playing and also the camraderie and community spirit an event like this fosters. It was a real honour and humbling experience finishing fourth last year but music is not about winning and that is true to the spirit of the CGF which is all about having a good time and making friends. 

As usual, I have left much of the planning to the last minute and at the time of writing this do not have my plane tickets purchased haha. I seem to have an aversion to doing anything in a traditional way, wonder if there is a diagnosis for this.

see you at the lake


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