December Musings

There has been a ton of behind the scenes work going on over the last few months as I prepare for the Jan.15 launch of "While The City Sleeps".


Despite playing on many albums over the years,  I've never solely overseen the completion of one until now. It's been a valuable lesson and truly a labor of love. It's in the final stages of pressing and  will  be ready to ship out by the first week of January. 


I've also been putting a ton of work into organizing the album release party @ the Planetarium Star Theater and am thrilled to say that it sold out within a week. Filling a 230 seat venue is no small feat, I am very proud of accomplishing it!!

As a result, I've added a second show that same night @10pm. Tickets for that show are still available through my website or Bluedog Guitar Shop

None of this would be possibly without the support of my friends, family and fans. It's a wonderful feeling to know that many people are as excited as I am for this release. I've literally put my heart, sweat and tears into this music for over three years now and every note means something special to me. I've never felt a stronger connection to music despite having over 38 years of live performance under my belt. 

On another front, I've just finished up my final tracks for the new West Of Hell album. I'll save most of the hype for that till another day but I will say that this recording is definitely taking things to the next level. This is the band I dreamed of playing in when I first picked up an electric guitar. 

I'm loving the "multiple hat" style of my work these days and am finding a satisfying balance in the diversity.

Many years I struggled to keep it all together because playing many styles of music is very demanding. There were many stages to this process and looking back, I can see them very clearly. Blues, Rockabilly, Metal, Classical, Folk,Jazz, Flamenco, pick, fingers Bla Bla Bla...

I finally feel as though all of those boxes have been dissolved and feel the sense of musical freedom I always wanted.



Happy holidays, see you in 2016!! 


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