Attack of the Three Headed Guitar Monster pt.1


The past week was easily one of the best of my life!!!

The 3 headed guitar monster that is myself, @AdrianBellue and Don Alder left nothing standing in our wake as we blitzed and blazed through sold out shows in Vancouver and Chilliwack.

In Addition to that,  Adrian and I hit 2 open mics, played 4  emotional house concerts and  shared birthday celebrations with three of the closest people in my life. Oh yeah, and I got to jam with Optimus Prime:D

 I'm feeling more inspired than ever about my musical journey and owe so much of it to the fellow musicians in my life and in particular Adrian. I watched him literally heal people with his immense musical gifts over and over, this is the true power of music!!

I have one more acoustic show scheduled this Thursday before I return to my metal roots and start preparing for two very exciting upcoming West Of Hell and Stache  shows.

I'm thrilled to be a part of Modern Banshee and the Limbic Landwalkers amazing musical/visual performance of "The Moon,the Pool and the String" At the Planetarium this Thursday (15th). Anyone who's ever watched a show at the Planetarium knows how spectacular this is gonna be. I'll be performing a set of my trippiest tunes to help set the mood for the sonic and visual experience that follows.




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