My name is Kris Schulz, and my passion is performing and teaching music. My speciality is guitar, all forms of it, and playing music brings me joy on a level that can’t be compared to anything else I’ve experienced – well, almost anything.

You see, while I was following my heart to be an artist, a funny thing happened. I discovered an equal passion to share my musical knowledge with others. For the last 26 years, I have balanced my career as an artist with my teaching method. 

Along the way, I have learned a very important lesson on musical fulfillment: only play what you love! Our time is too valuable to waist on learning music you don’t like – it’s as simple as that. I believe every second of energy we devote to our passions should serve self-fulfillment and personal growth. 

People excel at the things they love to do. If they’re taught tools and strategies to accelerate their learning and combine efficiency with true passion, incredible results and growth will happen!

In My Own Words

I've been lucky enough to have music in my life from the day I was born.

It seems almost everyone in my family plays music but it is my father Manfred who has always been my biggest inspiration. He taught me to use my ears at a very young age and gave me all the tools I needed to learn the language of music my own way. 

Over the years I've sang, played piano, drums, and sax; but it's the guitar that grabbed my heart and changed my life.

At times I'm a student, indulging in countless hours of devoted study to my craft.

At times I'm a teacher, always happy to share my knowledge and passion with anyone who inquires.

And at times, when I'm centred and focused, the real music begins and all the meaningless noise disappears and is replaced by the stillness of truth.

My song can be ferocious, full of power and confidence, or it can be insecure and speak from a place of doubt.

It can be inspired by those around me or come from a deep isolation within.

It is a song that reminds me of how human I am in all my accomplishments and failures and I am forever grateful to play it.

Like many, music helps me to convey emotions I can't put into words and I'm fascinated by its universal language and ability to communicate that which cannot be said.

What I do is simple, I strive play the sounds I hear in my hear in my head, nothing more, nothing less, I have no better understanding of the process than that.

There are many styles and disciplines of music I study and follow but in the end, it's all just music. And while I subscribe to rigorous training and musical intellect at times, it's the sense of total freedom I crave when the notes play themselves and I am merely their conductor.

Here are some of my musical highlights from the last few years

  • First and foremost, I've had the pleasure of sharing my love for music with well over a thousand wonderful students over the last 25 years.  I currently run my own teaching studio and also enjoy the role of personal guitar instructor at Electronic Arts, one of the worlds premier video game companies.

  • In 2014 I competed in the Canadian Fingerstyle Competiton and finished 4th place - The CGF is a world renowned acoustic event that sees players from all over the globe compete on the merit of their own compositions. The performances are played to a "blind" panel of judges made up of some of the worlds most respected acoustic players.

    As a result of the CGF experience I have made some great friendships and developed wonderful career opportunities that include being an official endorsee of Furch/Stonebridge guitars.

  • In 2009 I independently released an album of music I wrote and produced called Mechanism, Inspired Horrific.
    It's a complex, extreme metal album that features the drumming of one of the worlds most accomplished players, Gene Hoglan.

    Gene has had a huge influence on my music and it's been an unbelievable dream come true to work with him. Some of the music from that album is featured on his first ever drum instructional dvd, "The Atomic Clock" .

  • In 2010 I was asked to join Canadian rock and metal legend Lee Aaron on a western Canadian tour. I grew up watching Lee on Much Music and the opportunity to perform alongside the platinum artist and nine time Juno nominee was an experience of a lifetime.

  • I am also a proud and active member in the following original bands:
    West Of Hell
    The Stache


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